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Applications of Petroleum Geochemistry

Course ID: t62

Demonstrates uses and limitations of geochemical techniques and their importance in exploration and production. Presents appropriate sample selection and preparation, as well as analytical techniques used in laboratories. Reviews and integrates basic source rock and crude oil evaluation programs into more advanced basin study and modeling programs.

Total Number of Subtopics: 10

  • Geochemical Prospecting
  • Geochemical Analyses: Kerogen
  • Geochemical Analyses: Bitumen/ Petroleum
  • Geochemical Analyses: Analytical Procedures
  • Geochemical Analyses: Sample Types
  • Geochemical Analyses: Sampling Procedures
  • Geochemical Programs in Petroleum Exploration
  • Geochemistry and Basin Evaluation
  • Geochemical Problem Solving
  • Applications of Petroleum Geochemistry: References and Additional Information
Estimated Time: 3 hours 20 minutes on a full time basis