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Divergent Margins and Rift Basins

Course ID: t59

Applies tectonic concepts learned in GL601 and 602, focusing on petroleum habitats in divergent margin and rift basins. Discusses theories of rifting and its effect on sedimentation. Classifies rift basins and examines each type through present day examples.

Total Number of Subtopics: 10

  • Sedimentary Basins and Continental Margins
  • Petroleum Habitat
  • Rifting and Basin Development
  • Structural Styles and Trapping Mechanisms
  • Nonmarine Basins in the Continental Interior
  • Marine Basins in the Continental Interior
  • Proto-Oceanic Basins
  • Subsided Divergent Margins
  • Exploration Considerations
  • Divergent Margins and Rift Basins: Reference Section
Estimated Time: 3 hours 20 minutes on a full time basis