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Habitat of Hydrocarbons in Sedimentary Basins

Course ID: t36

Provides the format for genetic classification of sedimentary basins, drawing together the principles of the previous six modules into the evaluation of the earth's plate tectonic framework. Explains identification and classification of sedimentary basins, their role in forming oil and gas, and the habitats of oil and gas within them.

Total Number of Subtopics: 7

  • Sedimentary Basins: Overview
  • Cratonic Basins
  • Divergent Margin Basins
  • Convergent Margin Basins
  • Downwarp Basins and Tertiary Deltas
  • Petroleum Characteristics by Basin Type
  • Habitat of Hydrocarbons in Sedimentary Basins: References and Additional Information
Estimated Time: 2 hours 40 minutes on a full time basis