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Well Testing

Competency Statement:

Design and execute a well test.

Learning Objective:

Upon completion of this module, the participant should be able to
  • select candidate wells for testing and specify test objectives
  • design a pressure transient test and select equipment in keeping with the stated objectives
  • monitor the test and interpret the results

Assignment Instruction:

In this Learning Module, you will establish basic objectives and procedures for testing new wells in the Upper/Middle sands of the Sucre field. You will also review tests that were run in other reservoirs, and use the results of a drill stem test (DST) to determine well deliverability parameters. By the time you complete this module, you should be able plan, execute, monitor and interpret a simple pressure transient test.

Formation evaluation of the Upper/Middle sands--including successful production tests of Wells 4E1-NE and 5A1-SW--has established this reservoir's commercial hydrocarbon potential. The reservoir management team has generated estimates of oil in place and recovery factors; it has even predicted a production schedule and outlined basic surface facility specifications. These estimates are, however, very preliminary, and based on assumptions which may or may not prove valid over time. There is still a good deal of appraisal and planning to be done before the reservoir moves into the development stage of its life.

Your assignment in this Learning Module is to assist in the reservoir appraisal by developing general guidelines for a well testing program, based on your understanding of formation evaluation objectives and test procedures. You will also be looking at DST results from wells in other fields so that you may become familiar with basic methods of test monitoring and interpretation. In later assignments, you will become more involved in the analysis of pressure transient tests, particularly with respect to modern interpretation methods.