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Exploratory and Delineation Drilling

Competency Statement:

The Exploratory and Delineation Drilling module will primarily focus on the role and responsibilities of the Well Site Operations Geologist in the delineation and field development phases of the Gama Field.

Learning Objective:

  • Evaluate results from exploration and appraisal/delineation wells and update the database.
  • Understand the drilling problems encountered
  • Make recommendations for well designs, mud programs, and casing and cement designs
  • Determine well completion options
  • Prepare a Field Development Plan for the economic life of the field.

Assignment Instruction:

Beta Petroleum has drilled the Gama 1 "wildcat" exploration well as a discovery on the Gama structure prospect in the New Basin. Three additional appraisal wells have also been drilled to determine the potential size of the discovery. The Well Site Operations Geologist will now:

  • Evaluate all well test results based on objectives of the well and subsequent economic evaluation program.
  • Understand and make recommendations to the well design, the mud program, and the well completion methods.
  • Update and maintain the Reservoir Geological Model.
  • Prepare the Field Development Plan for the Gama Field in coordination with the subsurface team and company management.


Refer to materials in References and Field Data and read topics in Background Knowledge as needed to complete the assignments.