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3D Seismic Interpretation

Competency Statement:

Interpret a 3D seismic survey using seismic sections and time slices to interpret horizons and faults. Display an understanding of the use of time slices, horizon slices and other 3D techniques play in 3D interpretation.

Learning Objective:

  • Identify common horizon auto-picker parameters and their effects.
  • Enumerate criteria for picking faults on time slices.
  • Describe various 3D survey display options.
  • Describe creation and uses of horizon slices.
  • List parameters for amplitude extraction of a 3D horizon.

Assignment Instruction:

Your company is interested in a deep water basin (see map below) that will be up for auction soon. They have assigned you to evaluate the area for future investment. Only four wells have been drilled in the basin, the results were:

  • Well A: dry
  • Well B: dry with gas shows
  • Well C: oil discovery well
  • Well D: oil and gas discovery well

The first step in your assignment is to analyze structure maps, time slices, and attributes maps/horizons created from the interpretation of two 3D seismic volumes. Once you have analyzed the data, you will:

  • Use the information to present a structural and stratigraphic framework for the area
  • Recommend the use of certain techniques to improve the knowledge of the basin
  • Convey to your company the meaning of seismic amplitudes and the character of the seismic reflection data
  • Use the available data to propose and support potential prospects in the area
  • Rank the prospect in economic terms

Scenario Map

Scenario Map