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Wellbore Seismic

Competency Statement:

Evaluate the applicability of wellbore seismic technology to a particular well.  Determine the need for check shot survey, synthetic seismogram, vertical seismic profiling (VSP), and cross-well tomography. Use seismic sections, petrophysics, and geological information to determine the wellbore seismic program.

Learning Objective:

  • Identify the applicability of a wellbore seismic program for the exploration objective.
  • Acquisition configurations for different wellbore seismic techniques.
  • Describe the acquisition and QC of the check shot survey / VSP.
  • Describe the generation and QC of a synthetic seismogram from well logs and check shot data.

Assignment Instruction:

Surface seismic is the tool of choice for reservoir delineation. However, the generated image is always an offset-time image. In order to obtain an offset-depth image (which corresponds to a more accurate subsurface picture) several techniques have been developed. Synthetic seismograms, check shots, and VSP (Vertical Seismic Profile) surveys are some of these techniques.

This assignment introduces you to synthetic seismograms generation and how it correlates with seismic data. You will also develop a VSP project in which you will learn the usefulness of seismic-well calibration.

You are assigned to two different projects for the Upstream Technology Group, Inc. (UTC). The project descriptions are:

Synthetic Seismogram Building and Seismic-Well Calibration: In an exploratory block a 3D seismic survey has been acquired. Only one well has been drilled (Well UTC-1X). This well has a total depth of 6390; GR, density, and DT logs were run from 4000 to final depth. An T-Z table was obtained using a local check shot.

Zero-Offset VSP survey acquisition, processing and interpretation: An offshore exploratory block has 3D prestack seismic data. A successful well has been drilled (Well UTC-1Y) and UTC wants to calibrate the seismic with the well information to give a better picture of the prospecting horizons in their areal extent.