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Geodetic Coordinate Systems

Competency Statement:

Understand the differences between coordinate systems and the variables that define them. Recognize the need to convert data from one system to another. Determine the most appropriate cartographic system for the area of interest.

Learning Objective:

  • Distiguish between different coordinate systems.
  • List variables necessary to define a coordinate systems.
  • Identify strengths and weakness of different coordinate systems.
  • Descripe work flow to establish coordinate system of different data types.
  • Describe the Global Positioning System and how it is used in determining geodesic positions.
  • Review and convert cartographic data and maps to the most applicable geographic system.

Assignment Instruction:

In this assignment, Beta Exploration Inc. has assigned the New Ventures Exploration Team to select the geodectic coordinate system for an area where they wanting to shoot a new seismic survey for exploration purposes. You need to understand geodetic coordinate systems; the following two projects will help with your understanding:

  • Create a geodetic survey to help analyze and interpret field data used to make a geologic map of Mexico
  • Develop a topographic survey in the Eastern part of Venezuela to place shot point and receiver for a seismic survey

You will establish the coordinate system for the two areas, taking into consideration the legal and technical standards of the two coordinate systems.  Your boss has asked for transformation, precision, and specific ties to be verified by horizontal and vertical control points.