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Structural Geology

Competency Statement:

Use structural contour maps and cross sections based on seismic and well log data to identify and interpret different structural styles related to the tectonic setting. Analyze and predict potential hydrocarbon trapping configurations based on the structural style. Evaluate the effect of structural style on the overall petroleum system of a basin.

Learning Objective:

    Use surface geologic maps, subsurface structural contour maps, block diagrams and cross sections drawn from well logs and seismic data to interpret structural styles in a basin.
    Predict the potential types of faults and folds associated with a structural style.
    Identify key characteristics of different types of faults and folds.
    Determine potential hydrocarbon traps resulting from different structural styles.

Assignment Instruction:

Beta Exploration Inc. has assigned the New Ventures Exploration Team to evaluate a lease sale in the central part of the Maracaibo Basin for Lake Oil Ventures Ltd, a subsidiary of Beta Exploration Inc. You will identify the tectonic setting and structural style, determine potential trapping configurations corresponding to the structural style, and evaluate petroleum potential of the lease blocks.

Structural style is based on comparative tectonics that identifies patterns in deformation which can be observed on a global scale. Structural geology examines regional structural features, their interrelationships, evolution, and effects on sedimentation. Structural geology and structural style allow prediction of source and reservoir rocks, hydrocarbon migration paths, and potential hydrocarbon traps prior to exploration.

You will identify the structural style and the type of faulting present in the central part of the Maracaibo Basin using a structural contour map and block diagrams and cross sections drawn from well logs and seismic data. Predict potential hydrocarbon traps resulting from a structural style.