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Directional, Horizontal and Multilateral Wells

Competency Statement:

Contribute to the planning and design of non-conventional well completions.

Learning Objective:

Upon completion of this module, the participant should be able to
  • identify reservoirs that are suitable candidates for horizontal or multilateral wells
  • apply knowledge of the reservoir to a selection of the well trajectory
  • select the best general completion design for a horizontal or multilateral well in a given reservoir

Assignment Instruction:

Without directional drilling much of the world's oil and gas would be unrecoverable. Horizontal and multilateral wells, which are special applications of directional drilling technology, are a proven means of improving productivity and reducing overall development costs in certain types of reservoirs.

In this assignment, you will define basic directional drilling parameters and establish the trajectory for a possible re-drill of an existing well. You will look at the feasibility of horizontal and multilateral wells from a reservoir management perspective, and consider some of the issues involved in planning and designing these wells. By the time you complete this module, you should be able to calculate a simple well trajectory, identify candidate reservoirs for horizontal wells and select the best general completion design for a given reservoir.

Well 5C1-SW was the second well drilled in the Upper/Middle sands. Detailed log analysis and an open hole formation test indicated that the top of the Upper Sand at 14800 ft [4511 m] was below the oil-water contact. The well was subsequently plugged back with cement to the surface casing and suspended

Several members of the reservoir management team have suggested re-drilling this well upstructure to Block 5B1-NE. The drilling department will evaluate the feasibility and costs of re-drilling from below the surface casing. Your job will be to establish some of the basic directional parameters and calculating a trajectory for this well, which will be designated 5C1-SW R/D.