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Stability and Rock Deformation Models

Competency Statement:

Generate a stability and rock deformation model.

Learning Objective:

Upon completing this Learning Module assignment, the participant should be able to
  • identify the presence and orientation of fracture systems in the reservoir

Assignment Instruction:

To understand formation stress response, we start by measuring the mechanical properties of representative core samples in the laboratory. This gives us information about the rock's strength and stability under a given set of conditions.

We then apply this empirical knowledge to the formation by combining our core observations with such geologic information as well logs, structure maps and regional outcrop studies.

In this assignment, you will review core descriptions for evidence of natural fractures and other tectonic activity. You will then incorporate your observations with other data sources to determine the principal stress directions in the formation.

Core analysis, including rock mechanical properties tests, have been done on selected samples from Well 2A5-NE. Early seismic measurements and log data from offset wells indicate that the reservoir is bounded by normal faults on the east and west.

Your objective in reviewing this core information is to

  (1) determine the formationís principal stress directions,
  (2) and find indications of tectonic activity.