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Surface Production Operations

Competency Statement:

Generate production facilities requirements. Promote safe practices in production operations.

Learning Objective:

Upon completion of this module, the participant should be able to:
  • Review surface flowing well conditions with the goal of optimizing production.
  • Describe the basic layout of an upstream producing facility and the functions of its major components.
  • Outline the general requirements for separating and treating produced oil as a basis for a detailed facility design.
  • Plan and oversee routine field maintenance work, and maintain a safe operation through proper application of good work practices and the careful control of site activities.

Assignment Instruction:

The Sucre field's existing upstream surface facilities are designed for primary recovery, but that is about to change as preparations begin for a full-scale water injection project in The Upper/Middle Sands. As part of these preparations, you will address some of the general issues involved in modifying these facilities. You will also be involved in ongoing field operations; specifically, you will be responsible for safely completing repair and maintenance work on one of the field's main production separators.