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Well Completion Operations

Competency Statement:

Prepare well for formation evaluation. Ensure that logging and testing operations proceed smoothly. Run and cement production casing. Evaluate primary cement job and need for remedial cementing operations. Prepare well for final completion.

Learning Objective:

Upon completion of this module, the participant should be able to:
  • Prepare the well for open-hole logging operations and take steps to ensure that such operations proceed smoothly.
  • Alert the wellsite geologist and service company logging engineer of hole conditions that may require modifications or special precautions in the logging program.
  • Assist in planning and carrying out a drill stem test.
  • Determine safe operating parameters for running a production casing string.
  • Plan and carry out a simple single-stage primary cementing operation.
  • Use temperature surveys to determine the top of cement in the casing/hole annulus.
  • Outline the steps involved in preparing the well for final completion and releasing the drilling rig.

Assignment Instruction:

As you approach target depth at Adams 8, your concern now shifts from optimizing the drilling process to preparing the well for logging, testing and completion operations. Although you are not directly involved in planning the formation evaluation program, you are responsible for monitoring hole conditions, getting tools safely to bottom and in general ensuring that operations proceed according to plan. Once these operations are completed, you will focus on the crucial task of running and cementing the 7-inch [178 mm] production casing. At the conclusion of this assignment, the well should be ready for a workover rig to perforate the production casing, run tubing and turn the well over to the Production Department.