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Drilling Program Planning and Implementation

Competency Statement:

Design mud program for each hole section. Establish well control precautions and procedures. Design drill string and bottomhole assembly. Plan bit and hydraulics programs. Evaluate rig specifications and capabilities.

Learning Objective:

Upon completion of this module, the participant should be able to:
  • Outline mud system specifications for individual hole sections based on well conditions and drilling objectives.
  • Establish basic well control requirements.
  • Specify circulating system requirements and evaluate hydraulics practices based on offset well performance.
  • Review offset bit performance as a basis for developing bit selection criteria for a new well.
  • Provide general recommendations for the drill string configuration and design of the bottomhole assembly.
  • Review rig specifications and capabilities in the context of drilling program requirements.

Assignment Instruction:

In this assignment, you will address various aspects of planning and carrying out the drilling program for Adams 8, a new development well in the Tremont field. Your work will include designing the mud and hydraulics programs, reviewing basic well control precautions, establishing guidelines for bit selection, and designing the drill string. Although you will not be directly involved in reviewing bids and selecting the drilling contractor, you will be providing input regarding power requirements, hoisting capabilities and circulating system capacities that will be valuable in the rig selection process. Your goal in this assignment is to develop a program that ensures safe well operations, minimizes drilling cost and meets the design requirements of the well.