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Initial Well Planning

Competency Statement:

Define basic drilling and well completion requirements based on reservoir management objectives. Identify critical logistical issues and HSE considerations. Generate budget cost estimate.

Learning Objective:

Upon completion of this module, the participant should be able to
  • Review an initial well proposal and identify key drilling and completion objectives.
  • Gather and evaluate offset data and other information pertinent to the well objectives.
  • Document and evaluate indicators of potential drilling hazards and/or HSE risks.
  • Identify appropriate methods for predicting pore pressures, fracture pressures, and subsurface temperatures, and plot predicted pressures and temperatures versus depth.
  • Determine formation fluids to be encountered and potential contaminants.
  • Outline critical issues relating to surface location, including those related to logistics, safety and environmental protection.
  • Generate a budget-level estimate of dry-hole and total well costs.

Assignment Instruction:

The Asset Management Team responsible for PETROS Corporationís portion of the Tremont onshore field has recently completed an appraisal of the 6th Zone reservoir, and is now preparing a development program. The team has given you a proposed bottomhole location for the first development well, Adams 8. The target location is in Block D-4, approximately 0.5 km [1640 ft] from the property boundary between PETROS Corporation and Apex Oil & Gas Company. The discovery well for the 6th Zone anticline was Apex's Copley 1. Four additional wells (Copley 3, Adams 4, Adams 6 and Adams 7) have either tested or are currently producing commercial quantities of oil; Three others (Copley 2, Stuart 1 and Adams 5) were drilled outside of the structure boundaries and subsequently abandoned. Your tasks in this assignment are to establish the drilling objectives for this well in keeping with the overall reservoir management strategy, and to identify some of the key issues to be addressed in the well planning process.