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Improved Recovery

Competency Statement:

Evaluate the improved recovery potential of the reservoir.

Learning Objective:

Upon completion of this module, the participant should be able to

  • Apply basic screening criteria and determine a reservoir’s suitability for various improved recovery processes, including waterflooding and enhanced oil recovery.
  • Observe waterflood performance and perform basic recovery calculations, based on a frontal advance model and analysis of fractional flow curves.
  • Determine the displacement efficiency of a pilot waterflood.

Assignment Instruction:

Improved recovery, in the context of this assignment, refers to processes that supplement natural reservoir drive mechanisms. These processes are generally grouped into two main categories:

  • secondary recovery, which includes waterflooding and immiscible gas injection
  • enhanced oil recovery (EOR), which includes miscible, chemical and thermal methods.

Although individual processes vary widely in type and applicability to particular conditions, they have one objective in common: to improve the displacement efficiency of hydrocarbons from the reservoir.

In this assignment, you will review the performance of the Upper/Middle Sands under primary depletion and conduct a preliminary waterflood screening, including a pilot flood to serve as a field trial of the process. The reservoir has been on production for just over one year. There are currently 15 active wells.