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Reservoir Model Updating

Competency Statement:

Update the reservoir model.

Learning Objective:

Upon completion of this module, the participant should be able to
  • Incorporate new production data (selective & differential) into the reservoir model, along with new information from well/core analyses.
  • Refine the reservoir model based on differences between predicted and actual pressure and production data.

Assignment Instruction:

A preliminary reservoir model of the Upper/Middle Sands was generated during the exploration/appraisal period. In this assignment, you will review the most current available data and history-match the reservoir’s actual performance with that predicted by the original model. Based on the results of the history match, you may choose to modify one or more of the following parameters:
  • Data summary
  • Grid data
  • Thickness data
  • Porosity data
  • Permeability data
  • Saturation data

With this updated reservoir model, you can test different exploitation scenarios to determine which one results in the optimal economic recovery.

The field is presently under development, during which time it has been placed on limited production. Active wells include 4E1-NE, 2A5-NE, 5A1-SW and 5A2-SE.