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Pressure/Production Data Analysis

Competency Statement:

Analyze and interpret pressure and production data for incorporation into the reservoir model.

Learning Objective:

Upon completion of this module, the participant should be able to
  • review and acquire well test information
  • validate pressure test information
  • prepare well test data for analysis
  • diagnose and interpret the pressure test
  • design and interpret production records; analyze production behavior

Assignment Instruction:

Well 4E1-NE is the first well drilled in the Upper/Middle Sand reservoir. The well was completed with 7-inch casing, selectively perforated and placed on an extended production test. Testing was conducted in several stages. The first stage, which is the subject of this assignment, involved testing 16 feet of interval in the upper portion of the identified pay intervals. This test was designed to gather information on reservoir flow characteristics, and in particular, to determine the nature of a nearby fault that had been identified on the structure map. Your job in this assignment is to review the data from this initial test and evaluate the reservoir permeability, near-wellbore effects and boundary effects.