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Reserves Definitions, Reporting and Mapping

Competency Statement:

Elaborate and update from the maps generated during the modeling of the reservoir, the maps required by the Ministry of Energy and Mines in offical format, for the administration and control of the reserves.

Learning Objective:

Upon completing this Learning Module assignment, the participant should be able to
  • access the applications used to generate MEM maps in official formatt
  • generate a map using the applciations.

Assignment Instruction:

The Ministry of Natural Resources is a department of the National Executive of the Republic of Sucre. Its responsibilities include establishing norms and regulations for business operations in the hydrocarbon sector, in accordance with laws established by the National Legislature.

The Ministry's organization and objectives are basically the same as those of the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM) in the neighboring Republic of Venezuela, and the norms that it has established for oil and gas operations are identical to MEM standards. For this reason, the questions that you are asked in this assignment use MEM standards as primary reference sources.

To access the MEM references, click on the "Practical Knowledge" link

In this Assignment, you will review the present status of the Upper/Middle sand reservoir, determine what reports you need to submit to the Ministry, and decide how to classify well locations and estimated hydrocarbon reserves in keeping with established norms. You will also ensure that the symbols and conventions used in the official maps that are submitted with these reports are consistent with Ministry standards. By the time you complete the Assignment, you should be able to comply with MEM standards for reporting reserves and generating subsurface maps using accepted symbols, conventions and nomenclature.

The current status of the Upper/Middle sand reservoir is as follows:

  • Well 4E1-NE, the discovery well, is on an extended production test. Permanent completion is pending.
  • Well 5C1-SW was suspended after well logs and a formation test indicated that it exposed the Upper Sand below the water-oil contact.
  • Well 2A5-NE has been drilled and tested, and a successful open hole formation test has been carried out.