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Subsurface Mapping

Competency Statement:

Develop geological, petrophysical and sedimentological maps for use in generating a reservoir model.

Learning Objective:

Upon completing this Learning Module assignment, the participant should be able to
  • generate geologic cross sections from well logs.
  • draw subsurface contours and construct geologic and geophysical maps.

Assignment Instruction:

The original structure contour map for the Upper/Middle Sand reservoir was derived from seismic data acquired from an independent operator. Since then, three wells have been drilled, and the seismic data have undergone reprocessing and extensive additional interpretation. As a result, you now have a new base map, which shows the locations of the new wells and depth markers to the top of the Upper Sand. In this assignment, you will revise the Upper Sand structure map to reflect these new data (be careful--the updated map may or may not be similar to the original map!)

To complete the assignment, you will consider several additional formation parameters that may be conducive to subsurface contour mapping, and consider how they could be used to describe this reservoir.