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Well Log Interpretation

Competency Statement:

Determine reservoir rock properties using well log analysis.

Learning Objective:

Upon completing this Learning Module assignment, the participant should be able to
  • Use log analysis to identify reservoir rock properties (fluid saturation, porosity, fluid contacts, permeabilities, bulk shale content, net oil sand, fractures)

Assignment Instruction:

In this Learning Module, you will use basic well log interpretation techniques to identify potential pay zones, define basic reservoir properties and estimate the hydrocarbons in place in terms of reservoir volume per unit area. By the time you complete this module, you should be able to apply log analysis methods to the task of generating a petrophysical reservoir model.

The open hole formation evaluation program at Well 2A5-NE is in progress, and field copies of the lithology, resistivity and porosity logs are now available. Your job in this assignment is to review these logs and make an initial evaluation of the well's hydrocarbon potential. Your evaluation is an important first step in deciding whether to complete the well, so be sure to carefully examine the log data.