IPIMS (International Petroleum Industry Multimedia System) is the leading e-Learning solution for building competencies in upstream petroleum technology. Developed in partnership with industry experts from 10 major oil and gas companies, its content is rigorous and extensive. Essentially, IPIMS is a relational database of learning assets - text, colorful graphics, award-winning video, and challenging assessments - that can be structured to meet your specific training needs. One-of-a-kind in the industry, IPIMS, structured into individual training events, now includes more than 1089 courses in 135 E&P topic areas, from beginning to advanced content levels.


IPIMS is flexible enough to be used to provide both in-depth learning about a given area of technology and for cross-disciplinary training in broader areas of technology. It is a valuable learning resource for any oil and gas company or institution - small or large, local or multinational. More than 60 leading oil and gas companies now license IPIMS worldwide, and each company uses the system in a different way. Whether you need to train 5,000 people in one topic area or 50 people in 20 topic areas, IPIMS can meet the unique learning and development needs of your company in E&P technology and practice.



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