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Reservoir Management

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Describes the reservoir management techniques used to maximize production. Once production begins, the reservoir is only a part of a larger system, and understanding the relationships among all elements--the wellbore, tubing string, artificial lift equipment, surface control devices, separators, treaters, tanks and measuring devices--is crucial to economical and safe recovery.

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  • expand/collapse Rock and Fluid Properties
    • Porosity
    • Permeability
    • Fluid Phase Behavior
    • Fluid Density, Viscosity and Compressibility
    • Wettability and Capillary Pressure
    • Exercise No. 1 (Solution)
  • expand/collapse Natural Drive Mechanisms in Petroleum Reservoirs
    • Natural Drive Mechanisms
    • Solution Gas Drive
    • Gas Cap Drive
    • Water Drive
    • Gravity Drainage
    • Gas and Gas Condensate Reservoirs
    • Material Balance Relationships
  • expand/collapse Improved Oil Recovery
    • Introduction
    • Waterflooding and Recovery Efficiency
    • Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)
    • Chemical EOR Processes
    • Thermal EOR Processes
    • Miscible EOR Processes
    • Exercise No. 1 (Solution)
  • expand/collapse Reservoir Simulation
    • Basis for Reservoir Modeling
  • expand/collapse Reservoir Management: References and Additional Information
    • References
    • Additional Reading
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