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Evaporites and their Role in Petroleum Exploration

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Describes characteristics of evaporites and examines their relationship to hydrocarbon accumulations, including their role as source beds, reservoirs, traps and seals. Discusses evaporite mineralogy and diagenesis, as well as analysis and identification techniques. Field examples illustrate occurrences, evaluation and significance of evaporite structures.

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  • expand/collapse Introduction to Evaporites and their Role in Petroleum Exploration
    • Evaporites Described
    • Economic Significance of Evaporite Settings
    • History of Evaporite Research
    • Evaporite Mineralogy
    • Diagenesis
    • Diagenesis: Gypsum/Anhydrite Conversion
    • Analysis from Wireline Logs and Seismic Lines
    • Using Seismic Lines
    • Exercise No.1 (Solution)
    • Exercise No.2 (Solution)
  • expand/collapse Sabkha Depositional Facies and Reservoirs
    • Overview
    • Modern Sabkhas: Arabian (Persian) Gulf
    • Depositional Facies
    • Sabkha Signature
    • Sabkha-Based Reservoir Models
    • Ancient Sabkha-Associated Reservoirs
  • expand/collapse Subaqueous Evaporites
    • Overview
    • Modern Marine Subaqueous Evaporites
    • Ancient Subaqueous Evaporites and Reservoirs
    • Models of Subaqueous vs. Subaerial Deposition
    • Basin-Wide Evaporites and the Anomaly of Deepwater Evaporites
  • expand/collapse Ancient Depositional Models
    • Overview
    • Platform Evaporites
    • Basin-Wide Evaporites
    • Summary
    • Exercise No. 1 (Solution)
  • expand/collapse Salt Structures, Sediments and Hydrocarbons
    • Overview
    • Salt Movement
    • Growth of Salt Structures
    • Modern Salt Structures
    • Models of Reservoir Occurrence
    • Salt Structure Reservoirs
    • Salt Structure and Reservoirs in Tectonically Active Provinces
    • Reservoirs Associated with Salt Solution
    • Exercise No. 1 (Solution)
  • expand/collapse Evaporite/Dolomite/Hydrocarbon Association
    • Dolomite Reservoirs Associated with Evaporites
    • Sabkha Dolomite Model
    • Reflux Dolomite Model
    • Burial Dolomite Model
    • Indicators of Dolomite Origins
    • Timing of Dolomitization
    • Evaporites as Seals
    • Evaporitic Sediments as Source Rocks
  • expand/collapse Evaporites and their Role in Petroleum Exploration: References and Addition
    • References
    • Additional Reading
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