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Porosity Evolution in Carbonate Rocks

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2 hours

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Demonstrates the systematic evolution of carbonate porosity and describes classifications and conditions used for predicting porosity distribution. Discusses depositional and diagenetic models of carbonates. Field studies illustrate how to handle porosity parameters in production planning.

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Total Number of Subtopics: 6
  • expand/collapse Introduction to Porosity Evolution in Carbonate Rocks
    • General Considerations
    • Porosity (Fabric Selective)
    • Porosity (Non-Fabric Selective)
    • Breccia Porosity
    • Capillary Pressure Curves
    • Exercise No. 1 (Solution)
    • Exercise No. 2 (Solution)
  • expand/collapse Diagenesis and Porosity Evolution
    • General Considerations
    • Marine Diagenesis
    • Subaerial Diagenesis: Overview
    • Subaerial Diagenesis in Older Carbonate Rocks
    • Subaerial Diagenesis in Young Carbonate Sediments
    • Burial Diagenesis
    • Dolomitization: General Considerations
    • Dolomite Properties and Chemistry
    • Dolomite Porosity and Permeability
    • Dolomitization Models: Overview
    • Reflux Dolomitization Model
    • Tidal Flat Dolomitization Model
    • Mixed Waters Dolomitization Model
    • Burial Compaction Dolomitization Model
    • Fracturing
    • Exercise No. 1 (Solution)
  • expand/collapse Evaluation of Porosity and Diagenetic History
    • General Considerations
    • Rock Studies
    • Wireline Logs
    • Petrography
    • Geochemistry
    • Exercise No. 1 (Solution)
  • expand/collapse Porosity Evolution and Petroleum Exploration
    • General Considerations
    • Beach/Dune Complex (Example)
    • Tidal Flat/Sabkha Facies (Example)
    • Carbonate Buildups (Example)
    • Pinnacle Reef Environments (Example)
    • Basinal Carbonates (Example)
    • Fracture Production (Example)
  • expand/collapse Porosity Evolution and Field Development
    • General Considerations
    • Microporosity
    • Moldic and Vuggy Porosity
    • Permeability Barriers
    • Waste Zones
  • expand/collapse Porosity Evolution in Carbonate Rocks: Reference Section
    • References
    • Additional Reading
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