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Shelf Marine Sandstone Reservoirs

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Describes characteristics of shelf sand reservoirs, including elongate submarine fans, radial submarine fans and slope-apron systems. Presents detection methods including seismic, well-log, core analysis, paleontology and production studies.

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  • expand/collapse Introduction to Shelf Marine Sandstone Reservoirs
    • Continental Shelf Sands
    • Reservoir Aspects: Summary
  • expand/collapse Depositional Processes of Shelf Sands
    • Tidal Currents
    • Storm Currents
    • Turbidity Currents
    • Exercise No. 1 (Solution)
  • expand/collapse Shelf Sand Deposits
    • Overview
    • Sand Sheets
    • Sand Ridges
    • Exercise No. 1 (Solution)
  • expand/collapse Diagnosis and Detection of Shelf Sands
    • General Considerations
    • Paleontology
    • Associated Facies
    • Seismic
    • Well Logs
    • Cores
    • Shelf Sands Distinguished from Shoreline Sands
    • Exercise No. 1 (Solution)
    • Exercise No. 2 (Solution)
  • expand/collapse Petroleum Geology, Reservoir Characteristics
    • Shelf Sands: General Observations
    • Example: Hartzog Draw Field, Wyoming, USA
  • expand/collapse Shelf Marine Sandstone Reservoirs: References and Additional Information
    • References
    • Additional Reading
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