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Subsurface Environment

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2 hours 30 minutes

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This topic addresses the fundamental and general conditions of the subsurface environment. The nature of water, pressure, geothermal gradient and fluid dynamics is discussed and its implications on oil and gas generation. Also presented is the effects of overpressure and under pressured environments as it relates to drilling and production.

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Total Number of Subtopics: 3
  • expand/collapse Water Origins and Chemistry
    • Subsurface Water Origins
    • Oxidation/Reduction Potential and pH
    • Subsurface Water Salinity
    • Subsurface Water Composition
    • Fluid Behavior
  • expand/collapse Temperature and Thermal Gradient
    • Thermal Gradients and Heat Flow
    • Thermal Conductivities in Various Rock Types
    • Regional Thermal Variations
  • expand/collapse Pressure Environments
    • Components of Subsurface Pressure
    • Downhole Pressures
    • Potentiometric Surfaces
    • Overpressured Environments
    • Compaction Overpressuring Process
    • Compaction Overpressuring in Deltas
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