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Structural Geology

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This topic surveys structural geology from a complete view of recent plate tectonic movement through the use of modeling of ancient tectonic processes. The topic includes: stress and strain, folds, faults, joints, and fractures. It also describes several structural styles, including those that involve compressional, extensional, and strike-slip tectonics. Structures on non-tectonic origin and features involving gravity and salt tectonics are also explored in this topic.

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Total Number of Subtopics: 9
  • expand/collapse Examples of Recent Plate Tectonic Movement
    • Plate Tectonic Movement Overview
    • Transform Fault Systems
    • Subduction Zones
    • Fold and Thrust Belts
    • Rifting Systems
  • expand/collapse Stress and Strain
    • Stress and Strain Overview
    • Stress
    • Deformation and Strain
    • Strain Ellipsoid
    • Rock Strength
    • Mechanical Properties Logs as an Estimate of Formation Strength
  • expand/collapse Folds
    • Introduction to Folds
    • Description of Folds
    • Basic Fold Geometry and Orientation
    • Fold Mechanisms and the Distribution of Strain
    • Minor Structures Associated with Folding
    • Pressure Solution and Stylolitization
  • expand/collapse Faults
    • Faults Overview
    • Dip Slip and Strike Slip Faults
    • Fault and Fault Zone Material: Sealing and Communication Aspects
    • Structures Associated with Faults
    • Principle Stress Directions in the Development of Faulting and Fracturing
    • Thrust Faults, Tear Faults, and Transform Faults
    • Recognizing Faults in Well Logs
  • expand/collapse Joints and Fractures
    • Joints and Fractures Overview
    • Influence of Lithology and Bed Thickness
    • Basic Techniques for Determining Fracture Orientation
    • Fault Associated Fractures
    • Fold Associated Fractures
    • Wellbore Breakouts and In Situ Stress
  • expand/collapse Unconformities and Structures of Non-Tectonic Origin
    • Importance of Unconformities
    • Recognizing Unconformities
    • Structures of Non-tectonic Origin
  • expand/collapse Structural Styles: Tectonic
    • Tectonic Structural Styles Overview
    • Classification of Extensional, Compressional, and Strike-Slip Styles
    • Extensional Styles: Basement Involved
    • Extensional Styles: Basement Not Involved
    • Compressional Styles: Basement Involved
    • Compressional Styles: Basement Not Involved
    • Strike-Slip Tectonics: Wrench Faults
  • expand/collapse Structural Styles: Non-Tectonic and Intracratonic
    • Introduction to Non-Tectonic and Intracratonic Structural Styles
    • Differential Loading: Salt Tectonics
    • Differential Loading: Shale Structures
    • Differential Loading: Gravity Structures
    • Intracratonic (Vertical) Tectonics: Basement Warps
  • expand/collapse Process Modeling of Structural Geology
    • Purpose of Modeling
    • Restoration Techniques
    • Laboratory Experiments and Analogue Modeling
    • Numerical Modeling
    • Process Modeling and Compressional Structural Styles
    • Process Modeling and Extensional Structural Styles
    • Process Modeling and Strike-Slip Structural Styles
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