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Geochronological Dating Techniques

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One of the most prolific methods of dating strata is through radiometric dating. In Petroleum Geology, the most common types of dating are those related to the decay of Potassium into Argon, Uranium, into Lead, and Thorium into Lead. All three types of decays are discussed, and the user will have a better understanding of the age equations used in radio dating. The user will also learn about Fission Track Dating, a tool that is used to determine both age and temperature of downhole conditions.

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  • expand/collapse Isotopic Dating Techniques
    • Isotopic Dating Introduction
    • K-Ar Dating
    • U-Pb and Th-Pb Dating
    • References
  • expand/collapse Fission Track Dating
    • Fission-Track Dating Introduction
    • Theory behind the Dating Technique
    • Criteria Essential for Apatite FTD Application
    • Sample Collection Field Methods
    • Laboratory Sample Preparation
    • Choosing the Grains
    • Dating the Sample: The External Detector Method
    • References
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