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Chronostratigraphy and Microfossils

Estimated Time to Complete:

1 hour 20 minutes

(average of 20 minutes per Subtopic)

This course is meant to introduce the disciplines of chronostratigraphy. Chronostratigraphy is the branch of stratigraphy that studies the relative time relations and ages of rock bodies. The overall intent is to develop your capability to competently and confidently employ these valuable tools in exploration and production. Upon completion of this course, you will possess a full appreciation of how chronostratigraphy contributes to the arsenal of tools utilized and integrated together in petroleum exploration.

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Total Number of Subtopics: 4
  • expand/collapse Microfossil Datasheets
    • Introduction
    • Microfossils through geologic time
    • Microfossil Nomenclature
  • expand/collapse Microfossil Collection and Preparation Techniques
    • Samples, Cuttings and Cores
    • Microfossil Preparation Techniques
    • Microfossils Requiring Extractive Techniques
    • Sources of Contamination
  • expand/collapse Chronostratigraphy and Geochronology
    • Introduction
    • Chronostratigraphic sections and international consensus
    • Emergence of the Absolute Time Scale
    • A new time scale
  • expand/collapse Chronostratigraphy
    • Introduction to Isotope
    • Isotopes
    • Conventions
    • Oxygen Isotope Basics
    • Carbon Isotope Stratigraphy
    • Strontium Isotopes
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