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Seismic Migration

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2 hours

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Reviews the seismic reflection process. Examines the fundamentals of seismic migration and how geological features affect seismic data. Discusses practical considerations in applying migration methods. Addresses the issue of seismic migration in anisotropic media.

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Total Number of Subtopics: 6
  • expand/collapse Overview of Seismic Migration
    • Introduction
    • Migration Types
    • Methods
    • Modes
    • Effect of the Seismic Migration on the Geological Features
    • Exercise No.1 (Solution)
    • Exercise No.2 (Solution)
    • Exercise No.3 (Solution)
    • Exercise No.4 (Solution)
    • Exercise No.5 (Solution)
  • expand/collapse Seismic Migration Methods
    • Introduction
    • Kirchhoff Migration
    • Finite Difference Migration
    • Fourier Transform Migration
    • Practical Considerations
    • Exercise No.1 (Solution)
  • expand/collapse Depth Migration
    • Introduction
    • Kirchhof Depth Migration
    • Finite Difference Depth Migration
    • Fourier Transform Depth Migration
    • Practical Considerations
    • Exercise No.1 (Solution)
  • expand/collapse 2D Versus 3D Migration
    • Introduction
    • Two-Pass and One-Pass Techniques
    • Exercise No.1 (Solution)
  • expand/collapse Seismic Migration in Anisotropic Media
    • Introduction
    • Migration in VTI Media
    • Other Anisotropic Media
    • Exercise No.1 (Solution)
  • expand/collapse Seismic Migration: References and Additional Information
    • References
    • Additional Reading
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