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Reviews the physical factors that influence seismic velocity. Defines the various components of seismic velocity, and introduces the concepts of stacking velocity and normal moveout. Describes analysis procedures and the practical considerations involved, including techniques for interpreting and refining the velocity model. Discusses velocity analysis for anisotropic media. Provides overviews of tomographic velocity analysis and migration velocity analysis.

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  • expand/collapse Influencing Factors
    • Rock Composition
    • Fracturing
    • Depth and Age
    • Differential Pressure
    • Pore Fluid Properties and Temperature
    • Velocity Variations
    • Summary
    • Exercise No.1 (Solution)
  • expand/collapse Seismic Velocities Definition
    • Normal Moveout
    • NMO for Dipping Layer
    • Stacking Velocities
    • Instantaneous Interval and Average Velocities
    • NMO Stretching
    • Exercise No.1 (Solution)
    • Exercise No.2 (Solution)
    • Exercise No.3 (Solution)
  • expand/collapse Velocity Analysis
    • Introduction
    • Constant Velocity Stack Panel
    • Coherence Measures and the Velocity Analysis Display
    • Horizon Velocity Analysis
  • expand/collapse Practical Considerations for Velocity Analysis
    • Processing Considerations
    • Selection of Velocity Analysis Variables
    • Exercise No.1 (Solution)
    • Exercise No.2 (Solution)
  • expand/collapse Interpreting and Refining the Velocity Model
    • Picking and Verifying the Velocities
    • Residual NMO Analysis
    • Harmonizing Stacking and Well Survey Velocities
    • DMO
  • expand/collapse Additional Technologies
    • Velocity Analysis for Anisotropic Media
    • Tomographic Velocity Analysis
    • Migration Velocity Analysis
  • expand/collapse Velocities: References and Additional Information
    • References
    • Additional Reading
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