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Initial Processes

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Describes the SEG-D and SEG-Y formats for recording and storing seismic data, along with the Observer's Reports and Field Notes that contain essential information for seismic data processing, and the initial checks that are performed on field data. Examines the steps involved in pre-processing seismic data, including gain recovery, de-multiplexing, re-sampling, assigning geometry, datum corrections, amplitude adjustments, trace editing, common midpoint gather and common offset gather. Addresses the practical considerations involved in selecting variables, establishing the processing order and reprocessing existing seismic lines.

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  • expand/collapse Field Data
    • Introduction
    • SEG Seismic Field Recording Format (SEG-D)
    • SEG Seismic Trade Format (SEG-Y)
    • The Observer Report and Field Notes
    • Initial Checks
  • expand/collapse Pre-Processing Flow
    • Introduction
    • Gain Recovery
    • De-Multiplexing
    • Re-Sampling
    • Assigning Geometry
    • Datum Corrections
    • Amplitude Adjustments
    • Trace Editing
    • Commom MidPoint Gather
    • Common Offset Gather
    • Exercise No.1 (Solution)
    • Exercise No.2 (Solution)
    • Exercise No.3 (Solution)
  • expand/collapse Practical Considerations
    • The Choice of Variables and Processing Order
    • Reprocessing
    • Exercise No.1 (Solution)
    • Exercise No.2 (Solution)
  • expand/collapse Initial Processes: References and Additional Information
    • References
    • Additional Reading
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